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Ina Mitchell is a Canadian filmmaker and visual journalist.

Ina's has worked with the National Film Board of Canada as well as major broadcasters and periodical publications across North America. Her work has been featured internationally in the National Observer, MarketWatch, Singtao, China Central Television, and other major international broadcasters.

Her interest is in Canadian culture, Sino-Canadian relations, wealth inequality, racism, social justice, environmental and political activists, immigration and topics related to extreme alt. views and the political spectrum.

Ina has filmed and interviewed Prime Ministers, Royalty, Celebrities, UN dignitaries, and her favorite…interesting everyday folks!

Ina is currently producing and directing two feature documentaries. Millionaire City is a feature length documentary on the impact foreign investment has had in Vancouver. A city that simultaneously boasts the highest number of millionaires and the poorest postal code in the country. Millionaire City was started in 2016 and will be heading into post soon.

In 2014, Ina started the documentary Standing Rock North on the issue of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the hundreds of Canadians including granny's and priests who have been arrested trying to stop it. In 2018 the Canadian government bought the pipeline as a result of the overwhelming protests. Will the protestors go away or will the problem get worse? It's a story we are waiting to film the end of…

Ina is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC)