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Adv. Cert. Film Production, AD Graphic Design, B. Design (Communication Design)


Ina started her professional career as a graphic designer. She obtained an associate degree in graphic design from the University College of the Fraser Valley in 1988. She then went on to Emily Car University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, where she majored in Communication Design. Ina spent several years specializing in brand design and strategy, creating one of a kind National and Global brands. Ina decided to go back to University in the mid-90's to study documentary film at Brock University and later film production in Alberta.

Ina Mitchell

Creative Inspiration

Born in Vancouver, BC in 1970, in the True North Strong and Free, Ina spent her first 10 years of life travelling the globe including communist countries with her parents where she developed a genuine appreciation for social justice issues, free speech, and cultural diversity. When she wasn't travelling the globe (or in school), Ina spent a lot of time in the Canadian outdoors which is where her interest in documentary film developed. Along with encouragement from her Dad who was an amateur photography buff. His claim to fame was being forcibly removed from YVR in 1971 for taking a photo of the Queen when he was supposed to be maintaining the Royal Airplane (a true documentarian at heart).



Ina spent over 20 years in brand design but in 2007, Ina went back to University in Ontario where she was accepted into the teacher's education program. A chance meeting in class with aboriginal filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin who talked about her experiencing filming her documentary Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance sealed Ina's future as a documentary filmmaker.

Ina's film work has included filming and interviewing Prime Ministers, Royalty, Celebrities and Everyday folk. Her passion is capturing images of Canada, telling stories that interest Canadians, and being a voice for the voiceless on issues relevant to Canadians.