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Documentary Films

Non-fictional motion pictures

Director + Producer

Documentary filmmaking is journalism plus storytelling that provides a deeper insight into the heart of an issue and the human condition. It often requires a commitment of time, perseverance, sensitivity, and thick-skin. Ina will be the first to tell the people she interviews that she understands the hesitation and fears in opening up to the camera. "My first experience in filming a documentary was for the National Film Board of Canada. In fact, I was the subject in my film, a film about intimate partner violence. I figured that the best way to show the audience what it was like to live with the aftermath of violence on the human body and mind was to turn the camera on myself during an operation that a needed to repair the injuries I sustained during a violent attack. It was so deeply personal to me to admit on film what happened. To be filmed sedated and part naked by an NFB camera operator. I remember the private conversation I had with the camera operator asking him to make sure that if I died on the table to do whatever it would take to get the film out. I was told later that the camera operator couldn't find a babysitter so a producer at the NFB babysat his son. It truly felt everyone was pitching in for a greater purpose that went beyond my personal experience. Isn't this what documentary film is all about? To tell others the raw truth through observation and experiences? In doing so, we can shine light on issues that ordinarily aren't mainstream."

Even more critical to the truth-seeking nature of documentary is the necessity to take a non-judgmental approach. A lot of people find it hard to deal with people who don't live in a world that is increasingly politically correct and self-censoring. In documentary, the participants are often extreme examples of something. Maybe they don't follow cultural norms and social constructs or they live in unconventional ways. Documentary film is an intimate look at the world that these people live in. It can teach us something we don't know and change our perceptions of others.

Ina has filmed all kinds of people including Royals, Celebrities, Homeless, Famous politicians, Billionaires, Activists and Neo-Nazi's in documentaries.

The following are productions in development: