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The Post

Project Overview

1080p / 4K
Journey across Canada, a vast country with ten provinces and three territories to look at of all things…Mailboxes, but these aren’t just any mailboxes. They are one-of-a-kind pieces of art and they form the fabric of Canadian identity. Each mailbox tells a story…a story about the people that created the mailboxes. Many of them give us hints as to where they are in Canada. Some of the mailboxes convey hobbies, occupations, and even important milestones in life. Some are dressed up in celebration of public events while others are created using recycled bits and pieces that are hammered, duct taped and welded together to create something unrecognizable but functional. The Post is more than just a film about mailbox art. It’s also about the personal relationship between the Postal worker, the public, and the people behind this unique art form that is an unrecognized part of Canadian culture and is now threated with becoming extinct due to the possible cessation of door to door delivery.

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Stills from the POST