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Standing Rock North

Where do you stand?

Standing Rock North
In Production (started 2014)
SD / 1080p / 4K

On a foggy morning in November 2014, in the middle of a remote part of a conservation area on Burnaby Mountain, Kinder Morgan workers began to cut down 13 trees in relation to survey work for a proposed expansion of their Trans Mountain oil pipeline. This single event on Burnaby Mountain kick started an intense work blockage by locals that grew to hundreds of protestors within just a few days, and served as the catalyst for a nationwide debate on the economy vs. the environment.

On one side, proponents of the pipeline say that the project is the economic boast Canada's flailing economy needs. While critics of the pipeline say it's a disaster in the making that will devastate the environment and cost Canadians so much more.

With stakes, as high as this, Canadians looked south to the USA and the pipeline protest at Standing Rock to gauge what could possibly happen in the second round of protests expected when the two sides meet again on the mountain in the fall of 2017, when construction of the pipeline starts. With promises of direct action by hundreds determined to stop the pipeline from progressing and the Federal Government's threat to call in the Army to fight back, this is fast becoming Canada's own Standing Rock.

Stills from Standing Rock North